Be my, be my booty, my one and only booty

As usual these days, I’m going to start off by apologizing for the long delay in getting a new post out to you, dear readers!  The weather here has been glorious, so we’ve been spending less time hiking and more time beaching.  That said, stay tuned soon for posts about the Sun Run and Wreck Beach (a hike in and of itself).

But for now, since this long weekend will apparently bring rain (tear!), we’ll be reviewing three types of toddler rain/all-weather boots.  First, the MEC Toaster Booties, then the Real Canadian SuperStore Joe Fresh budget boots, then the BabyBogs.

Toaster Booties Everywhere!

Toaster Booties Everywhere!

Adrienne and I bought our little munchkins the MEC Toaster Booties on our way to hike Cypress

Booties safely tucked into leg warmers

Booties safely tucked into leg warmers

Falls this past winter.  We were very excited about them, as the reviews stated that they were easy to get on, wouldn’t fall off, and that they’d keep the babes’ feet warm and dry in all sorts of weather.  Also, they were damned cute!

Booties on the trail

Booties on the trail

So, we drove on to the trailhead, shoved our babies’ feet into the booties, vel-croed them up and we were off.

I can’t remember if Q dropped any booties that trip, but E didn’t.  I had her legwarmers pulled down over them all the way to the heel, so that probably helped a bit.  In the months to follow, both girls nearly lost their booties on countless occasions.  Once, the 4 of us walked halfway around the Stanley Park seawall (well, 2 of us walked and 2 of us hitched) before I realized that E was rocking only one booty.  We turned around and retraced our steps and I was already giving

A new strategy for keeping the booties on

A new strategy for keeping the booties on

Toaster Booties in the snow

Toaster Booties in the snow

myself a pep talk about how spring was on its way anyway, so I wouldn’t need the booties much longer when there, on a bench at English Bay beach, sat E’s gorgeous purple booty.  Praise the booty god.

But, after about 800 more drops and after watching E struggle to toddle around in these big, loose bags-called-booties, I decided to try some other options.  The MEC booties are definitely warm and dry, and if worn under legwarmers or pants with elastic ankles, they stay on fairly well.  However, E found it difficult to walk in them and Q often crawled them right off within minutes.  They might be great for a baby less on the move than our girls.  MEC allowed me to return E’s booties after months of wear for a full refund.  MEC is awesome, seriously.



Because of MEC’s rad return policy and because they really weren’t *that* bad, they get a 3 out of 5.

Only pic of the bargain booties I have -- E is *not* walking in them.

Only pic of the bargain booties I have — E is *not* walking in them.

E needed booties.  And I wasn’t sure I wanted to fork out another 30-40 bucks for them, considering last time I did that they didn’t pan out.  So, I trudged up to Superstore and checked out their rain boots.  They had these adorable little blue vinyl ones with trucks and cars all over them.  The ankle part vel-croed on the inside for a tight fit — I thought they might stay on better than the Toaster Booties, so I got them.

Well, the ankle part certainly did vel-cro for a tight fit.  It just barely fit around E’s calves, encasingthem clear up to her knees in a firm, inflexible vinyl tube.  When she walked in them, it was like a robot (even more than usual, haha).  She stomped around, barely moving at her knee joints and not at all in her ankle joints.  Ever the fashionista, E asked to wear these boots often, but then she’d get them on and not be able to walk anywhere without face-planting.  Since they were only about $7, I think, I never returned them.  But E also doesn’t wear them. So, I’d not recommend these.

Bargain Booties: 2 out of 5.

2 down, on to the next ones.

This post might look, to the unaided eye, like a simple review of toddler booties.  But it is not just that.  This is a tale of one who has loved and lost.  A tale of woah and tears…and some swear words.

For, once upon a time, a mother traded in her MEC Toaster booties and her SuperStore bargain booties for these adorably, if horridly expensive, BabyBogs.  These booties had a flexible but grippy sole and a neoprene upper, and came in a whole host of delicious designs and colours.  The ankle bit had handles for ease in pulling them on, and there was a tiny vel-cro strap across the achilles.

BabyBog kick

BabyBog kick

BabyBogs with a backpack

BabyBogs with a backpack

Both Q and E were outfitted with a pair of these, the Cadillac of booties, this past March  (You can find them at Little Treasures on Granville Island, at Panda Capilano, or online here), and we adored them.  The girls wore them nearly everyday, until the blue and green of E’s became a sort of swampy brown, and yet she still wore them.  These booties kept her feet warm and dry; she could walk in them (even run!) without any difficulty, and they (almost) never fell off.

Okay, so they fell off more than I liked to admit they did, but I’d paid over $50 bucks for them so I

BabyBogs on the move

BabyBogs on the move

made myself believe that they never fell off.  The truth is, they did about once a week.  But I’d been wearing E in the Ergo and backpack less than I used to (see here), so I wasn’t too worried about losing them, which is why, while doing the Sun Run a few weeks ago, I forgot to reach back and check her feet frequently to make sure she still had both her booties on.  I was out of practice.

After frantically running (seriously, running!) around East Van and downtown with E on my back, trying to find Adrienne in time for the start of the race, I realized I’d lost one of E’s booties.  I nearly cried.  Actually, instead I chanted “shit shit shit shit shit!!” a little too loudly, and before long I heard E in her little backpack going “SHIT!  SHIT! haha SHIT!”  So I quickly changed to chanting “sugar sugar sugar,” which didn’t have the same effect for me.

The BabyBogs…these BabyBogs.  Despite their propensity to fall off (slightly more than)

BabyBogs at the petting zoo

BabyBogs at the petting zoo

occasionally, I did love them.  Out of the 3 types of rain boots I’ve tried, I still recommend these the highest.

BabyBogs of the Gods: 4 out of 5.  (would be 5 if they stayed on better and were slightly cheaper.)

~~~~ UPDATE!!! ~~~~~

This love story has a happy ending after all!  A week after the Sun Run, after I’d called the TransLink lost and found and put up ads on Craigslist for E’s lost booty to no avail, I’d finally come to terms with the fact that the boot was gone, baby, gone.  My emotional recovery was helped by the purchase of some ADORABLE second-hand DC high-tops for her.  (I’m seriously giving E my shoe addiction — she already has almost as many shoes as I do, which is many, I assure you)

A week after the DC purchase, so 2 weeks after the Sun Run, I wasn’t even thinking about the lost BabyBog as we strolled to dinner, E, me, and D.  We were headed to a popular eatery just a few blocks from our house when E started saying “Shoe! Shoe!”  I, ever the loving and attentive mother, called over my shoulder, “Yep, you have shoes on.  Let’s go; we’re almost there!”

She persisted, “SHOE!  SHOE!”  Then I heard D say, “Your boot!  Yes, it’s your boot!  Good job, E!”

I turned around and there, on top of a pylon sat E’s soggy, but not ruined, missing Bog.  I would have walked right past it had E not noticed it.  After dinner it was reunited with its pair at home and lived happily ever after.  (and it hasn’t rained since.  Hah!)


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